I am finally putting to good use my new BIG IRONING BOARD. It is 24″ x 48″; I am preparing my fabric for a new project.
Yes, I have actually started a new project — Building Blocks Quilt Along with Leah Day. I want to learn and improve my free motion quilting skills.

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What am I to Quilt next?

Wow! Back from vacation, unpacked, laundry done and two big projects behind me! What am I to do? Actually, there is no problem with answering or addressing that question. I have many unfinished projects and also new projects to get started, so I will not be idle for long.

My list of UFO’s and new projects is getting longer and longer each day. For example, I can list a few projects that I started several years ago and would really like to work on and finish as soon as I can.
Here is the beginning of my first list:
1. Houses by Seasons Quilt (need to FMQ border, then sew edge together)
2. ColorSplash quilt (small wall hanging needs backing and quilting)
3. Bird Quilt (small wall hanging)
4. Christmas Tree Skirt
5. Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt
6. Box to quilt
7. 18″ Doll-sized bed quilt
8. something for Doll House decor, such as a mini wall hanging, mini quilt for bed, for couch, etc.
9. Bright butterfly quilt for Courney which I started 2005!

I know there are many more projects that are sitting on shelves or hiding in storage bins, but I will decover each as I sort through the boxes and bins on the shelves of my hobby room. Yes, that itself is an unfinished project—sorting and reorganizing supplies, projects, equipment and more in my favorite room.

Now to think also about the new projects yet to get started, here is the start of another list:
1. Quilts for each of my two sons.
2. Boca quilt (make something small, maybe a table runner or a seasonal wall hanging, yet to decide)
3. Quilt something from my Wedding dress
4. Shower curtain quilt…
5. +++

I will start free motion quilting on the house by Season’s quilt this week. This quilt was started in 2005, have hand quilted the blocks but now need to finish the border by free motion quilting. Picture follows:
Houses by month-seasons


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Quilt gift!

quilt_Music for Meralie_twin size_2-2013 framed-tagged

quilt TAG_MUSIC for MERALIE_2-2013

I finally gave the quilt to Meralie! So very happy to see her surprise when she arrived home from school to find her special quilt on her bed!
Yes, she was very surprised and was speechless for a few seconds as it was a complete surprise for her. Then she squealed with excitement. She immediately feel onto the bed and wanted to hug the whole quilt! After wrapping herself in it and hugging it again, she started asking me questions about how I made it.

She loved the design and the color. Did I say she loves lime green!

I am so happy to give this quilt to her and to see her so very happy.

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A Finished Quilt!

This gallery contains 12 photos.

a quick update … the quilt for my granddaughter is finished (will make a tag tomorrow)! in time for trip to see her and I can’t wait to give it to her… Quick summary in pictures… to the finished quilt… … Continue reading

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Quilting and Disappearing Time!

It’s the third of February already! Oh, how can my time be disappearing already!

I have a quilt to finish today, want to link up to for the first time, want to help my husband edit and make corrections in his memoirs, have bills to pay, and I need to WALK. Yes, I have several things on my mind (actually have many many more, too many to get done today!) but I am aiming for those I’ve just listed. Wish me luck and I better get busy.

While starting this blog entry, I’m having my first cup of coffee this morning. I need first to write a little on my blog which is very new!

In the next few weeks my husband and I are flying from Washington to Florida to visit our son’s family and our only granddaughter. Yea, an upcoming trip! So YES, I have a quilt to finish today and I WILL DO IT! I made the straight-grain binding last night so I can get started first thing today. Our granddaughter loves music and has just moved into her own bedroom so this is a special gift for her. She knows I am making a quilt for her but she does not know what it looks like and that it has her favorite color along with the black and white. This is the music-themed quilt after all the free motion quilting:

quilt ready for border Feb 2013 vh (2)

Thank you Leah for your video’s on YouTube. By watching several of the videos, I was encouraged to try it and after very little practice, I started and finished the quilting on the actual quilt.

As far as UFO’s, I’ve got many. One that has nothing to do with quilting is to help my husband make corrections to his memoirs. He wrote them a few years ago and we had copies made. The few copies that were printed are now gone and more friends and relatives have requested a copy. Of course, this means we need to get more printed; however, corrections need to be made before reprinting. He found areas that need corrected or changed, but needs help with the computer part. As I love working with documents and spreadsheets, I am helping with the changes and hopefully will be able to get more printed as soon as possible. This we will work together later in the day after I finish that quilt. 🙂

I am probably and most likely trying to do too much all at once. Blogging which is new to me, also I can’t seem to find the right page layout for my blog, so that is an ongoing project. Even though I am not happy with the layout, I am still trying to blog monthly or more often if possible. I want to link up for the first time on so am going to try to accomplish that today after I make this post to my blog. I think this is only the third post to my blog:

To add to or subtract from my available time I’ve also got bills to pay and I need to WALK. Think I will take that walk and then when back home I will pay the bills and then quilt or should I do it the other way around! I’m wasting time so need to post and get on with what I hope to accomplish today.

Happy Quilting!

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My QUILT and I Need Help!

Am I really progressing on the twin-sized quilt that I am making for my granddaughter!

My learning how to free motion quilt has been fun, interesting, trying, frustrating, and motivating! I’ve practiced some before starting to quilt on the actual quilt, but because of excitement and desire to get the quilt finished and sent to Meralie I keep going even with mistakes!

Yes, some mistakes are showing up on the back side. I will leave them, but do not want anymore of the same type (sewn in puckers). Think I will put a label over the worst one! 🙂

Even with the mistakes, I am happy to be progressing. However, I am now at a point that I do not know what quilting design to use and would love some suggestions. Need suggestions for the blocks, basically 2 types and each of the 2 borders.

Half of the twenty 12-inch blocks have various music-themed appliques, such as notes, sheet of music, instruments, and lines with notes. The other ten blocks are 4-patches. Picture follows:
Music Quilt

The first border is black, the second border is piano key fabric strips with black corners as you see in the picture (see last picture showing corner sections).

I have already free motion quilted each of the borders of each 12″ block and now need to fill in the inter sections of each of the ten appliqued blocks. However, I do not want tight or close stitching, prefer to have bigger or wider spacing, 2-4 inches or less.

Other than stitching straight lines, my first free motion quilting on this quilt was with one of the appliqued blocks. I stitched a curvy line with random stars and my concern is whether to continue all appliqued blocks with this design or maybe alter in some small way. I used white thread and not particularly happy the way it shows up on the black appliqued note (see picture to compare white and black notes*). The stitching on back side looks fine, just didn’t like the white thread in the black note, otherwise I really like the stitching design. So I either need to alter stitching or change thread. I don’t know much about thread types… 😦
*freeMotion_STARS-curlylines_white NOTE_back side_

freeMotion_STARS-curlylines_BL NOTES_front

freeMotion_STARS-curlylines_back side-

The other ten 4-patch blocks are still a puzzle as to what quilt design to do… stars, lines, notes (that would show up backward on back, but would that matter?), music related words (same, would it matter that they would be backward on the back OR MAYBE I SHOULD quilt them backward and it would not show as much on the front printed side?)

Well, I not only have blocks to consider, but I am also LOST at what type stitching to do on the borders, maybe big stars running along a long line, but then what should I do with the piano keys??? Any one have any suggestions, please comment.


I am posting this today so I might hear back from someone ASAP… otherwise I’m going to quilt more now…


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QUILTING–re-motivation, new skill, recuperating hand, and sooner than later to finish a recently pieced quilt for a granddaughter!

quiltting, ideas, materials, colors, designs, motif before starting a quilt...

quiltting, ideas, materials, colors, designs, motif before starting a quilt…

QUILTING–re-motivation, new skill, recuperating hand, and sooner than later to finish a recently pieced quilt for a granddaughter!

My interest in quilting has been re-motivated! I love the fun of working with materials and shapes. It is so exciting to piece together different shapes and to choose various colors. The excitement of planning and readjusting my chosen pattern or design is a fabulous feeling. I love seeing purple and yellow combinations from block to block and even red and purple, and of course, many many more colors and combinations! I even like drawing and making my own very simple artwork. I sometimes will use coloring books to get ideas and may even trace an object if it is the right one for the quilt.

This past summer, I asked my 10-year-old granddaughter what I could make her and she suggested that I make a music-note quilt in black and white squares with notes in each block. Well, I got started and decided the black and white needed some color to make it POP! Also, really felt she would like some color. I figured when I was 10 years of age, I sure liked colors. After asking her dad what her favorite color was right now, I have chosen a bright lime-green. I love it and hope she does too when I get it finished.

WOW, finishing it at this time is a concern or difficulty for me for several reasons. First, the cost is just too much to have it done by a long-arm quilter and besides I’ve always wanted to finish my own quilts. Second, I also like the idea that I do most of the work –– IT WILL BE FROM ME, SO I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SAY I MADE IT! And third, I have developed hand problems and have had surgery and recuperation will take a long time. Finally, I started considering the thought that I should learn how-to do free motion quilting, but that it would be so very difficult and I did not know where to get help.

Well, I decided to surf the web and I found a free motion quilting blog with video that has motivated me Thank you, Leah Day. Her method makes me feel I can to do this, especially after I get some practice session under my belt!

I want to finish the music quilt sooner than later, but since hand sewing is a problem for me at this time I know I can manage working with a sewing machine. I’ve been viewing and practicing Leah’s freemotionquilting ideas from her site and am feeling more confident.

So along with learning a new skill, using my regular sewing machine, and working with a recuperating hand, I’ve decided I will finished this special quilt sooner than later. WISH ME LUCK!

NOTE: I’m hoping Santa brings me her book “365 Free Motion Quilting Designs” by Leah Day.

Leaf designs here:

qult design by Leah Day

Whoo Hoo! Here’s design #365 – Infinity Tree:

qult design by Leah Day - tree life

note: Someday I will make a quilt and use this design… LOVE IT.


The following picture is the quilt I want to finish sooner before later!

Music-Note quilt

Below is picture before the border was added, I believe you can better see the color.


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