QUILTING–re-motivation, new skill, recuperating hand, and sooner than later to finish a recently pieced quilt for a granddaughter!

quiltting, ideas, materials, colors, designs, motif before starting a quilt...

quiltting, ideas, materials, colors, designs, motif before starting a quilt…

QUILTING–re-motivation, new skill, recuperating hand, and sooner than later to finish a recently pieced quilt for a granddaughter!

My interest in quilting has been re-motivated! I love the fun of working with materials and shapes. It is so exciting to piece together different shapes and to choose various colors. The excitement of planning and readjusting my chosen pattern or design is a fabulous feeling. I love seeing purple and yellow combinations from block to block and even red and purple, and of course, many many more colors and combinations! I even like drawing and making my own very simple artwork. I sometimes will use coloring books to get ideas and may even trace an object if it is the right one for the quilt.

This past summer, I asked my 10-year-old granddaughter what I could make her and she suggested that I make a music-note quilt in black and white squares with notes in each block. Well, I got started and decided the black and white needed some color to make it POP! Also, really felt she would like some color. I figured when I was 10 years of age, I sure liked colors. After asking her dad what her favorite color was right now, I have chosen a bright lime-green. I love it and hope she does too when I get it finished.

WOW, finishing it at this time is a concern or difficulty for me for several reasons. First, the cost is just too much to have it done by a long-arm quilter and besides I’ve always wanted to finish my own quilts. Second, I also like the idea that I do most of the work –– IT WILL BE FROM ME, SO I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SAY I MADE IT! And third, I have developed hand problems and have had surgery and recuperation will take a long time. Finally, I started considering the thought that I should learn how-to do free motion quilting, but that it would be so very difficult and I did not know where to get help.

Well, I decided to surf the web and I found a free motion quilting blog with video that has motivated me http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/p/start-here.html. Thank you, Leah Day. Her method makes me feel I can to do this, especially after I get some practice session under my belt!

I want to finish the music quilt sooner than later, but since hand sewing is a problem for me at this time I know I can manage working with a sewing machine. I’ve been viewing and practicing Leah’s freemotionquilting ideas from her site and am feeling more confident.

So along with learning a new skill, using my regular sewing machine, and working with a recuperating hand, I’ve decided I will finished this special quilt sooner than later. WISH ME LUCK!

NOTE: I’m hoping Santa brings me her book “365 Free Motion Quilting Designs” by Leah Day.

Leaf designs here: http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/2011/12/day-364-flowing-leaves.html

qult design by Leah Day

Whoo Hoo! Here’s design #365 – Infinity Tree: http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/2011/12/day-365-infinity-tree.html

qult design by Leah Day - tree life

note: Someday I will make a quilt and use this design… LOVE IT.


The following picture is the quilt I want to finish sooner before later!

Music-Note quilt

Below is picture before the border was added, I believe you can better see the color.



About varietyplus

I'm 68 living with husband in the northwest since 2006; have lived in Ohio, Washington, DC, Virginia, Mississippi, and now Washington state. Have two grown sons, two daughters-in-law, and one grandchild. My hobbies are knitting, quilting, sewing, scrap-booking, and more. Love to travel via train. Learning to set up blog site (slow process) and want to blog more often on a variety of thoughts and interests. I try to smile often and look at everything in a positive way.
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3 Responses to QUILTING–re-motivation, new skill, recuperating hand, and sooner than later to finish a recently pieced quilt for a granddaughter!

  1. Nannett says:

    I’m getting ready to make a wall hanging for my daughter. She’s my song bird. I was thinking of piano keys as the outer border and I need your help. Your idea came out very well. Can I ask how you measured and pieced your strips?Thank in advance!

    • varietyplus says:

      I had fun planning & making this quilt and my granddaughter has had it on her bed every day /night since i gave it to her.
      I found online after searching for several days and taking measurements for the piano key border. I did not piece the keys, only used border strips. I searched online at 2 or 3 online material sites. Equilter.com
      Fabricdepot.com and also fabric.com
      I don’t remember which one i found the right material.
      Hope you can find what you need.
      Would love to see your quilt when you finish.

      • Nannett says:

        Thank you for your suggestions. I found some on Etsy from Fabricmart.com. I had questions as well and asked to have a return call. They called me first thing in the morning and my order is on it’s way. Great customer service.
        Thanks a ton!!
        P. S.
        it’s actually fabric no longer in print. So if you think you’ll need more. You should call soon

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