My QUILT and I Need Help!

Am I really progressing on the twin-sized quilt that I am making for my granddaughter!

My learning how to free motion quilt has been fun, interesting, trying, frustrating, and motivating! I’ve practiced some before starting to quilt on the actual quilt, but because of excitement and desire to get the quilt finished and sent to Meralie I keep going even with mistakes!

Yes, some mistakes are showing up on the back side. I will leave them, but do not want anymore of the same type (sewn in puckers). Think I will put a label over the worst one! 🙂

Even with the mistakes, I am happy to be progressing. However, I am now at a point that I do not know what quilting design to use and would love some suggestions. Need suggestions for the blocks, basically 2 types and each of the 2 borders.

Half of the twenty 12-inch blocks have various music-themed appliques, such as notes, sheet of music, instruments, and lines with notes. The other ten blocks are 4-patches. Picture follows:
Music Quilt

The first border is black, the second border is piano key fabric strips with black corners as you see in the picture (see last picture showing corner sections).

I have already free motion quilted each of the borders of each 12″ block and now need to fill in the inter sections of each of the ten appliqued blocks. However, I do not want tight or close stitching, prefer to have bigger or wider spacing, 2-4 inches or less.

Other than stitching straight lines, my first free motion quilting on this quilt was with one of the appliqued blocks. I stitched a curvy line with random stars and my concern is whether to continue all appliqued blocks with this design or maybe alter in some small way. I used white thread and not particularly happy the way it shows up on the black appliqued note (see picture to compare white and black notes*). The stitching on back side looks fine, just didn’t like the white thread in the black note, otherwise I really like the stitching design. So I either need to alter stitching or change thread. I don’t know much about thread types… 😦
*freeMotion_STARS-curlylines_white NOTE_back side_

freeMotion_STARS-curlylines_BL NOTES_front

freeMotion_STARS-curlylines_back side-

The other ten 4-patch blocks are still a puzzle as to what quilt design to do… stars, lines, notes (that would show up backward on back, but would that matter?), music related words (same, would it matter that they would be backward on the back OR MAYBE I SHOULD quilt them backward and it would not show as much on the front printed side?)

Well, I not only have blocks to consider, but I am also LOST at what type stitching to do on the borders, maybe big stars running along a long line, but then what should I do with the piano keys??? Any one have any suggestions, please comment.


I am posting this today so I might hear back from someone ASAP… otherwise I’m going to quilt more now…



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I'm 68 living with husband in the northwest since 2006; have lived in Ohio, Washington, DC, Virginia, Mississippi, and now Washington state. Have two grown sons, two daughters-in-law, and one grandchild. My hobbies are knitting, quilting, sewing, scrap-booking, and more. Love to travel via train. Learning to set up blog site (slow process) and want to blog more often on a variety of thoughts and interests. I try to smile often and look at everything in a positive way.
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3 Responses to My QUILT and I Need Help!

  1. I dont have any suggestions but to keep at what you pattern you are already doing. I think it is great and once you wash the quilt the puckers won’t be THAT bad!

  2. knitnkwilt says:

    I love your quilt! I also often end up with a question like yours, white thread on black? I usually solve it by changing color of thread and not worrying about how it looks on the back. It is a pain, of course.

    • varietyplus says:

      I made a decision to try a clear thread… I finished quilting on the quilt so hope it was an ok thread… Will find out once the quilt is washed a few times—I just hope it doesn’t fall apart with washing’s and then I will have to re-quilt!!! Does that ever happen?

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