Quilting and Disappearing Time!

It’s the third of February already! Oh, how can my time be disappearing already!

I have a quilt to finish today, want to link up to freemotionquilting.blogspot.com for the first time, want to help my husband edit and make corrections in his memoirs, have bills to pay, and I need to WALK. Yes, I have several things on my mind (actually have many many more, too many to get done today!) but I am aiming for those I’ve just listed. Wish me luck and I better get busy.

While starting this blog entry, I’m having my first cup of coffee this morning. I need first to write a little on my blog which is very new!

In the next few weeks my husband and I are flying from Washington to Florida to visit our son’s family and our only granddaughter. Yea, an upcoming trip! So YES, I have a quilt to finish today and I WILL DO IT! I made the straight-grain binding last night so I can get started first thing today. Our granddaughter loves music and has just moved into her own bedroom so this is a special gift for her. She knows I am making a quilt for her but she does not know what it looks like and that it has her favorite color along with the black and white. This is the music-themed quilt after all the free motion quilting:

quilt ready for border Feb 2013 vh (2)

Thank you Leah for your video’s on YouTube. By watching several of the videos, I was encouraged to try it and after very little practice, I started and finished the quilting on the actual quilt.

As far as UFO’s, I’ve got many. One that has nothing to do with quilting is to help my husband make corrections to his memoirs. He wrote them a few years ago and we had copies made. The few copies that were printed are now gone and more friends and relatives have requested a copy. Of course, this means we need to get more printed; however, corrections need to be made before reprinting. He found areas that need corrected or changed, but needs help with the computer part. As I love working with documents and spreadsheets, I am helping with the changes and hopefully will be able to get more printed as soon as possible. This we will work together later in the day after I finish that quilt. πŸ™‚

I am probably and most likely trying to do too much all at once. Blogging which is new to me, also I can’t seem to find the right page layout for my blog, so that is an ongoing project. Even though I am not happy with the layout, I am still trying to blog monthly or more often if possible. I want to link up for the first time on freemotionquilting.blogspot.com so am going to try to accomplish that today after I make this post to my blog. I think this is only the third post to my blog: iwant2quilt.wordpress.com

To add to or subtract from my available time I’ve also got bills to pay and I need to WALK. Think I will take that walk and then when back home I will pay the bills and then quilt or should I do it the other way around! I’m wasting time so need to post and get on with what I hope to accomplish today.

Happy Quilting!


About varietyplus

I'm 68 living with husband in the northwest since 2006; have lived in Ohio, Washington, DC, Virginia, Mississippi, and now Washington state. Have two grown sons, two daughters-in-law, and one grandchild. My hobbies are knitting, quilting, sewing, scrap-booking, and more. Love to travel via train. Learning to set up blog site (slow process) and want to blog more often on a variety of thoughts and interests. I try to smile often and look at everything in a positive way.
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2 Responses to Quilting and Disappearing Time!

  1. Your granddaughter will love her quilt, it looks great.

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