What am I to Quilt next?

Wow! Back from vacation, unpacked, laundry done and two big projects behind me! What am I to do? Actually, there is no problem with answering or addressing that question. I have many unfinished projects and also new projects to get started, so I will not be idle for long.

My list of UFO’s and new projects is getting longer and longer each day. For example, I can list a few projects that I started several years ago and would really like to work on and finish as soon as I can.
Here is the beginning of my first list:
1. Houses by Seasons Quilt (need to FMQ border, then sew edge together)
2. ColorSplash quilt (small wall hanging needs backing and quilting)
3. Bird Quilt (small wall hanging)
4. Christmas Tree Skirt
5. Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt
6. Box to quilt
7. 18″ Doll-sized bed quilt
8. something for Doll House decor, such as a mini wall hanging, mini quilt for bed, for couch, etc.
9. Bright butterfly quilt for Courney which I started 2005!

I know there are many more projects that are sitting on shelves or hiding in storage bins, but I will decover each as I sort through the boxes and bins on the shelves of my hobby room. Yes, that itself is an unfinished project—sorting and reorganizing supplies, projects, equipment and more in my favorite room.

Now to think also about the new projects yet to get started, here is the start of another list:
1. Quilts for each of my two sons.
2. Boca quilt (make something small, maybe a table runner or a seasonal wall hanging, yet to decide)
3. Quilt something from my Wedding dress
4. Shower curtain quilt…
5. +++

I will start free motion quilting on the house by Season’s quilt this week. This quilt was started in 2005, have hand quilted the blocks but now need to finish the border by free motion quilting. Picture follows:
Houses by month-seasons



About varietyplus

I'm 68 living with husband in the northwest since 2006; have lived in Ohio, Washington, DC, Virginia, Mississippi, and now Washington state. Have two grown sons, two daughters-in-law, and one grandchild. My hobbies are knitting, quilting, sewing, scrap-booking, and more. Love to travel via train. Learning to set up blog site (slow process) and want to blog more often on a variety of thoughts and interests. I try to smile often and look at everything in a positive way.
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