Many years ago, I saw my grandmother quilting with a group at her local church. I always was fascinated but never tried learning. There was never enough time and I was never around people that enjoyed the craft.

Then in about 2004 or 2005, I joined a small group of ladies that met monthly to enjoy the craft of quilting, to learn techniques, and to enjoy each others company. It was a fun and supportive group. I learned so very much during the short time I was with the group. THANK YOU to the people in the “Piecemakers” quilt group of Picayune, MS as they gave me a start in quilting.

Then my husband and I moved to the Pacific Northwest to be close to my parents. I tried to continue quilting during the first year and half after our move, but due to different events or occurrences, my quilting got put on hold. I did try to continue working on my first two bed quilts, one is finished and one remains unfinished (UFO)!

Before put quilting on hold, I was able to teach my niece’s 8-year-old daughter what quilting was and helped her make her first quilt. She had a school project and picked the topic of “How to Make a Quilt.” I loved working with her; she did research on quilting, she wrote a paper on what she did step by step, she made and practiced a presentation of her work, and she had a finished quilt made by herself.

It is now 2012 and I have started to quilt once again. LOVE IT!

I will post pictures ASAP of my first quilt projects during time I was first learning, one of niece’s finished quilt, and my most recent projects.


3 Responses to About

  1. Jill Becker says:

    I just found your link through Free Motion quilt Project. I loved your music quilt. My son has a degree in music and piano performance. and would love it.Puts an idea in my mind for another quilt for him. I’m also originally from Ohio and now live in Western WA. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy the Pacific NW…

    • varietyplus says:

      Jill, In my own blog, I am still unaware of how it works. Thank you for your comments and would love to see any project ideas you get started for you son.

    • varietyplus says:

      rereading your posts from March 13…
      are you by chance in Vancouver or close by… Ive not done much quilting since I finished the music quilt but am getting the bug once again… Snow days yesterday through the weekend are great opportunity for me to accomplish some sewing.

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